Hampers Available – any size made to order.
When buying ten jars or more – 30p will be deducted from each jar purchased.
10p refund on all jars returned.

Flavour Size Price
Stawberry 200g £2.95
Summer Berry 200g £2.95
Raspberry 200g £2.95
Blackberry 200g £2.95
Apricot 200g £2.95
Apricot Brandy 200g £3.50
Plum Rum 200g £3.50
Orange Whiskey 200g £3.50
Coconut Malibu 200g £3.50
Plum Port 200g £3.50
Strawberry & Vodka 200g £3.50
Kiwi Gin 200g £3.50